Body Treatments

Body Massage

A customised massage using different techniques to relax, distress and ease tense muscles.

Price BNS £28.00       Time: 30 mins

Price Full Body £43.00       Time: 1hr

Hot Lava Shell Massage

Massage using heated lava shells that emits heat for over an hour. Due to the unique shape of the shells they become an extension of the therapists hands deploying deep therapeutic relief where needed.

Price BNS £35.00       Time: 30 mins

Price Full Body £53.00       Time: 1hr

Price Full body and face £67.00       Time: 1hr 30mins

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

LMD- Manuel lymphatic drainage is a type of gentle massage which encourages natural drainage of toxin in the lymphatic system. This carries waste products away from the tissues in the skin to the nearest lymph node.MLD is vital for general health but also for the conditions such as lymphoedema and lipodema.

Price £62.00       Time: 1hr 30 mins

Holiday exfoliation Treatment

Ideal to prepare your skin for a holiday in the sun. Using a selection of exfoliators with cream/oils to hydrate.

Price  £32.50       Time: 30-45 mins


A facial treatment for the back which is detoxifying and relaxing.

Price £37.50       Time: 45 mins

G5 Massage

Is a mechanical massage that breaks down fatty deposits in the skin. It reduces the appearance of cellulite, improves blood circulation. For best results a course of treatment is recommended.

Price £25.00       Time: 30 mins

Fake Bake Tanning

Easy glide formula with a rich cosmetic colour that deepens in 6-8 hours and provides a long lasting golden tan.

Price £26.00       Time: 20 mins